Partners HealthCare in Assembly Square Reply

Nonprofit Partners HealthCare is building up to 1.1M s.f. of office space in Assembly Square above first-floor retail built by Federal Realty Investment Trust.

Time Frame

  • Phase 1 (700,000 s.f. PHC, 150,000 s.f. FRIT): Q3 2016
  • Phase 2 (450,000 s.f.): Not known


  • (12/1/14) Groundbreaking at Revolution Drive site.
  • (6/19/14) Hearing on ASQ PUD change to integrate Partners project
  • (5/21/14 – 6/10/14) Comments on MEPA Change of Project due
  • (5/29/14) City review of Partners HealthCare building design


  • City review of building design.
  • Contributions in lieu of taxes for city services
  • Progress on phases


  • Design disrupts street grid and sight lines, throws big shadows
  • Development stops at phase 1
  • Effect on Assembly Square DIF income


  • Add traffic lane to building underpass, run retail around to Grand Union Blvd.
  • Make underpass a set of glass-walled bridges
  • Keep track of permitting process
  • Check on Assembly Square DIF issues



  • (5/19/14) Permitting process begun
  • (12/10/13) Press release

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