Porter Square Visioning Reply

Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development is considering zoning changes in and around Porter Square to be in line with Comprehensive Plan.

Time Frame

  • 5-15 years


  • (3/12/12) Zoning changes taken up by Land Use Committee, neighborhood opposition.


  • Neighborhood opposition, due to fear of change, tax increases, height and traffic increases.
  • Continued advocacy for Green Line extension to Porter Square.
  • Zoning changes contemplated for Wilson Square, Somerville Avenue, White Street, Elm Street, and Mossland Street, as well as the MBTA Air Rights.
  • Potential zoning changes include architectural design, height, uses, setbacks, dimensional configuration, and parking for each of the key areas.


  • Too-rapid change of neighborhood zoning causing neighborhood opposition, resulting in stagnation.
  • Short-term benefits, long-term costs.
  • Losing sight of Green Line extension to Porter Square.


  • Monitor and participate.



  • (2/15/12) Zoning changes passed by Planning Board, neighborhood opposition.
  • (9/14/11) Sixth Visioning meeting scheduled to present zoning changes for Wilson Square and Porter Square.
  • (5/24/11) Third Visioning meeting scheduled.

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