McGrath Highway Redesign Reply

McCarthy Overpass (the McGrath Highway flyover toward Boston) is falling down. The overpass cuts Somerville and Cambridge in pieces. Somerville would like to return McGrath to a boulevard.

Time Frame

  • 5-10 years


  • (8/11/15) Interim Improvements Update scheduled
  • (5/28/15) McGrath/McCarthy Project Update
  • (7/17/14) McGrath/McCarthy Public Meeting Scheduled
  • (11/13/13) McGrath Corridor Streetscape Improvements Meeting
  • (9/14/11) Community meeting on redesign.


  • Temporary corridor improvements
  • McGrath highway design.
  • Making McGrath a boulevard as it originally was.
  • Establish connections between neighborhoods separated by the highway.
  • Lower traffic speeds, reduce noise and pollution
  • Make more pedestrian and bike friendly
  • Add green space.


  • Changes for expediency becoming permanent commitments
  • Treating McGrath as a superhighway flyover.
  • Returning McGrath to status quo, which cuts East Somerville in pieces.
  • Lack of integration with Green Line Extension.


  • Attend meetings and especially public hearings.



  • Mentioned as goal of Somerville Comprehensive Plan.

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