Union Square Redevelopment 1

Mixed-use development associated with Somerville Avenue improvements and proposed Union Square T-Stop.

Time Frame

  • 1-10 years


  • (11/9/15) Draft Union Square Neighborhood Plan available.
  • (5/18/15) US2 initial master plan presented.
  • (11/12/14) Union Square Futures web site active.
  • (6/26/14) SRA to vote on a candidate for Union Square Master Developer.
  • (6/5/14) Feedback from site visits to three of four Union Square Master Developer candidates
  • (5/11/14) SRA voted in four candidates proposed by CAC
  • (4/8/14) CAC recommended four candidates:
    • Abbey Group, Boston
    • Federal Realty Investment/National Development
    • Gerding Edlen
    • US2 Associates


  • Integration with Somerville DIF.
  • Style of developments.
  • Integration with mass transit.
  • Neighborhood impact.
  • Continued excessive traffic through Union Square.


  • Unsustainable neighborhood development proposals.
  • Car-oriented developments, not transit-oriented.


  • Analyze implications of neighborhood development proposals and respond as necessary.



  • (3/5/14, 3/11/14, 3/18/14) Presentations to Union Square Civic Advisory Committee from possible Union Square Master Developers
  • (3/10/14, 3/11/14, 3/13/14) Presentations to Somerville Redevelopment Authority scheduled from possible Union Square Master Developers.
  • (2/10/14, 2/19/14) Overview sessions for Union Square Citizens Advisory Committee
  • (12/31/13) RFQ and list of possible Union Square Master Developers published.
  • (3/15/13 – 4/9/13) Comment period open on Union Square Urban Redevelopment Plan ENF.
  • (1/31/13) Public hearing scheduled by SRA for first Union Square property acquisitions.
  • Development plans folded into Somerville DIF.
  • (10/2/12) Union Square Revitalization Plan approved by BOA.
  • (8/25/12) Union Square Revitalization Plan updated. Local opposition voiced to zoning changes.
  • (10/18/10) BOA Housing and Community Development Committee takes up Traffic Redesign for Union Square.
  • Locally preferred alternative plan presented at 3/1/10 Design Plan meeting.
  • Somerville Avenue improvements in construction.
  • Rezoning complete.

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