Inner Belt / Brickbottom Reply

Mixed-use development associated with proposed Inner Belt / Brickbottom T-Stop.

Time Frame

  • 1-4 years


  • (12/4/14) Brickbottom Neighborhood Plan presentation
  • (12/16/13) Open house on Inner Belt/Brickbottom planning


  • Transformational development
  • Integration with mass transit.
  • Neighborhood impact.


  • Effect of GLX on nearby Brickbottom lofts.
  • MBTA maintenance facility may interfere with development.
  • Unsustainable development proposals, such as soccer field.
  • Loss of Inner Belt / Brickbottom Green Line T-Stop


  • Continue advocacy for transit support through Community Corridor Planning process.
  • Analyze implications of development proposals and respond as necessary.



  • (6/25/11) Public meeting and walkabout scheduled in Inner Belt.
  • (6/8/11) Public hearing on taxi facility in Inner Belt.
  • (3/27/11) MBTA maintenance facility placed at location L, as far as possible from Brickbottom

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