Green Line to Somerville Reply

New stops proposed at Union Square, Inner Belt / Brickbottom, Gilman Square, Lowell Street, Ball Square, College Avenue, Mystic Valley Parkway / Route 16.

Time Frame

  • To complete 2018-?


  • (11/17/16) Funding proposal for Somerville’s $50M contribution.
  • (12/13/15) Massive cost overrun threatening future of project.
  • (1/8/14 – 2/5/14) Public meetings on sound barriers and retaining walls along corridor.
  • Massachusetts state funding available for extension to College Avenue (Phase I).
  • Highway funding may be flexed to apply to Phase II (Mystic Valley Parkway/Route 16).


  • Location of Maintenance Facility.
  • Land uses adjacent to Maintenance Facility and in air rights.
  • Protests by businesses displaced by Maintenance Facility.
  • Status of Green Line Extension to each stop
  • Response of neighborhood to Green Line Extension.
  • Implications for neighborhood economic development
  • Implications for environmental improvement.


  • Opposition from affected businesses and neighborhoods.
  • Construction methodology and schedule.
  • Loss of funding due to inattention.
  • Unsustainable neighborhood development proposals.
  • Attempts to delay or cancel the project by claiming that air quality improvements outside Somerville help Somerville. The original end date was 2011.


  • Continue advocacy for transit support through Community Corridor Planning process.
  • Analyze implications of neighborhood development proposals and respond as necessary.
  • Hold the state to the 2014 completion date.




  • (12/11/12) Kickoff ceremony for Phase I of construction.
  • (1/25/12) Public meeting on bridges and demolition [Medford Street Rail Bridge (Somerville), Harvard Street Rail Bridge (Medford), 21 Water Street (Cambridge)].
  • (12/14/11) Public design meeting on Lechmere station.
  • (11/23/11) Mystic Valley Parkway Visioning Report comment period.
  • (11/14/11) launched.
  • (9/28/11) $476 M allocated for Green Line Extension, with talk of phased implementation.
  • (8/7/11) GLX postponed again, to 2018. It was supposed to be done in 2011.
  • (6/11) GLX Station Design workshops scheduled, one for each new station.
  • (5/26/11) GLX Design Working Group could discuss analysis of using Boston Engine Terminal for GLX support.
  • (5/17/11) 3rd public forum on Green Line to Mystic Valley Parkway extension
  • (2/16/11) First Route 16 visioning meeting scheduled.
  • (9/28/10, 9/29/10) GLX Station Design Meetings scheduled.
  • Option L accepted as preferred choice by DOT.
  • (7/23/10) End of FEIR public comment period.
  • (6/30/10) Public meeting on FEIR scheduled.
  • (6/16/10) Green Line Extension FEIR posted.
  • (6/13/10) Last of three Green Line Extension land use workshops held in combination with Comprehensive Plan meeting. Option L accepted as DOT preferred choice, eliciting protests from affected businesses.
  • (1/19/10) DEIR Certificate issued; FEIR required on specific issues. Rt. 16 T-Stop proposed to be deferred to Phase 2.
  • STEP workshops for design professionals planned.
  • (1/23/10) DEIR Certificate Issued. MPO Scope of Work for FEIR development issued.
  • (1/1/10) Latest proposal includes Mirror H (Somerville City Government’s prefered) and Option L (closest to existing Boston Engine Terminal. DEIR comments due 1/8/10.
  • MBTA still pushing maintenance facility at Yard 8, next to Brickbottom.
  • Draft DEIR released 10/16/09.
  • Green Line Extension is in Amended Regional Transportation Plan ($1 B) and in 2010-2013 TIP.
  • Federal Transit Authority New Starts Application, Fall 2009.
  • Community Corridor Steering Committee formed, initial meeting 9/22/09.
  • Station location program and siting done
  • Design of Green Line vehicles done
  • Alternatives analysis done
  • Design done
  • Cost estimates done, being reviewed by Federal Transportation Administration
  • Construction staging plans done, being reviewed by Federal Transportation Administration
  • Real estate requirements analysis done
  • Neighborhood workshops in process.

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