MaxPac Redevelopment Reply

Large apartment development by KSS Realty in area once devoted to light industry. Brownfields cleanup required.

Time Frame

  • 1-3 years


  • (2/17/11) Public hearing on use of union labor at MaxPac site.


  • Provision of local jobs and union labor.
  • Possible contamination of the setaside for the Community Path.
  • Crime and animal issues during construction.
  • Connections between this development and the Lowell Street Green Line T-Stop.
  • Relationship between this development and other developments around the new T Stop.


  • Somerville already has plenty of residences. Development may crowd out office and small retail producing better tax revenues.
  • Development may not mesh well with new Lowell Street T-Stop.


  • Attend meetings
  • Advocate links with T-stop
  • Advocate for alignment with office and small retail around T-stop


  • Construction permitting finished.
  • Preliminary Master Plan approved April, 2008.
  • Special Permit with Site Plan Review (SPSR) approved December 2008.
  • Brownfields cleanup loan secured.


  • (1/18/11) Petition submitted by 51 citizens asking for public hearing on use of union labor at MaxPac site.
  • (1/6/11) Passed Planning Board. Concerns raised about use of union labor.
  • (1/23/10) Concerns raised about possible contamination of the Community Path setaside, shots fired, release of animals.
  • (1/1/10) Demolition of train tracks on Community Path underway for truck access.

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