Red-to-Blue Line Connector Reply

Proposed underground link between MBTA Blue Line and Red Line at Charles Street, improving access to North Shore from Somerville.

Time Frame

  • Not scheduled.
  • New ENF required if does not begin construction within 5 years.


  • Not in current Regional Transportation Plan.


  • Required funding.
  • Updated design.
  • Progress of rest of project


  • Continued inconvenient access to North Shore from Somerville.
  • Lack of funding.


  • Advocate for funding.
  • Evaluate proposals.
  • Evaluate associated development proposals for sustainability.



  • (12/31/11) Design complete.
  • Design underway. FEIR required. Preferred alternative closes Bowdoin Station (now on reduced hours).
  • (5/28/10) DEIR Certificate Issued by EEOA.
  • (3/31/10) Draft EIR for Red Line-Blue Line Connector issued. FEIR of limited scope required.
  • Contract awarded Summer 2009.
  • Request for Proposals for environmental reviews and engineering filed 3/27/08.
  • Expanded Environmental Notification Form file 9/14/07.
  • Required as part of original Ozone TIP mitigation.

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