Broadway Redevelopment Reply

Plan to upgrade Broadway with high-end office and retail uses.

Time Frame

  • 1-5 years


  • (4/16/14) Central Broadway Streetscape Improvements Meeting called.


  • Adherence to Comprehensive Plan.
  • Transit and pedestrian orientation of new developments.
  • Pedestrian access between new developments and Sullivan Square T-Stop.
  • Traffic implications of new developments.


  • Opportunistic short-term proposals that obstruct better development.
  • Inadequate connections with Sullivan Square T-Stop
  • Overemphasis on car traffic.


  • Advocate for integration with Sullivan Square T-Stop.
  • Advocate for traffic calming as necessary in places where shops and pedestrian destinations exist.



  • (9/2/10) Change of use for Ocean State Job Lot project denied by Planning Board.
  • (6/30/10) Ocean State Job Lot (299 Broadway) introductory meeting called, did not go well. Tenant requires change of use.

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