Comprehensive Plan Process Reply

Comprehensive development plan being implemented by Somerville Strategic Planning Office.

Time Frame

  • 10-30 years


  • (11/23/15,12/7/15, 1/11/16, 1/25/16, 2/8/16, 2/22/16, 3/7/16) Zoning overhaul public information meetings scheduled
  • (2/10/15) Joint Planning Board / Land Use Committee Hearing scheduled
  • (1/20/15) Zoning overhaul public information meeting scheduled


  • Balance between tax base and integrity of neighborhoods.
  • Development proposals assumed by plan.
  • Demographic and trend assumptions.
  • Orange Line T-Stop at Assembly Square
  • Green Line Extension through Somerville
  • Assembly Square Development
  • Boynton Yards/Brickbottom Development
  • Broadway Redevelopment Project
  • Union Square Development
  • Somerville Avenue Development
  • Health issues along I-93 and McGrath from volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Health issues along diesel commuter rail lines from VOCs.


  • Conflicts between worthy goals.
  • Ignoring demographic changes.
  • Ignoring environmental justice issues.
  • Short-term, opportunistic thinking.


  • Attend meetings and make sure assumptions are clear.
  • Make sure direction is transit-oriented.



  • (3/30/14) Final comprehensive plan available.
  • (11/14/10) Policies and actions based on goals being reviewed across subcommittees.
  • (4/18/10) Vision statement finalized. Goals being fleshed out.
  • Public visioning meetings to finish January 5 2010. Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee meetings to resume January 12.
  • Status review meetings held Sept and Oct. 2009. Public visioning meetings scheduled for Dec. 2009.
  • Kickoff meeting held 9/15/09. Issues subcommittees being formed.
  • Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee formed and Fall -2009 meetings scheduled.
  • Ongoing meetings presenting research and asking for citizen input.

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