Sullivan Sq. Redesign Reply

Redesign of Sullivan Square area, including T-Stop and proposed elimination of Rutherford Avenue overpass.

Time Frame

  • 1-5 years


  • (10/18/11) Surface Option presented to accommodate traffic from Assembly Square.


  • It is probably desirable to eliminate the Rutherford Avenue overpass to reduce neighborhood impacts.
  • Transit access from Somerville.
  • Traffic in Somerville.


  • Inadequate support for Somerville transit riders.
  • Diverting traffic into Somerville.
  • Traffic disrupting Broadway and Assembly Square.


  • Analyze proposals, continue to advocate for Somerville interests.


  • Rutherford Avenue bridge unsafe and now closed.


  • (1/1/10) Design project public hearing scheduled for 1/13/10. There have been several such meetings over the past year.
  • Design in process, community input being sought.

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