Assembly Square Mixed Use 4

Transit-oriented mixed-use development in phases, starting with current big-box stores, continuing with residential development, and concluding with full buildout with office space and amenities.

Time Frame

  • Partners Healthcare offices due to open June 2016.
  • 30 years to full buildout


  • (10/12/15) Parcel 6 permitted (residential over retail).
  • (9/2/14) Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Assembly Station
  • (7/22/14) Assembly Row open. Urban Design Summer Series scheduled.


  • Use of site downstream of Orange Line T-Stop.
  • Adequate R&D in Assembly Square to provide tax revenue and jobs.
  • Quality of Foley Street connection under I-93.
  • The Transportation Mitigation Plan required by the settlement has not been finalized.
  • The Sustainability Plan required by the settlement has not been finalized.
  • Urban design and site plan for 10 M s.f. Long Term Vision for Assembly Square
  • Implications for transit-oriented mixed use development.
  • Bicycle path past the Orange Line T-Stop in Assembly Square.


  • Poor transportation connections to Somerville that inhibit high-quality development.
  • Opportunistic short-term proposals that obstruct better development.


  • Monitor urban design of connections to Somerville.
  • Monitor adherence to development plans through Assembly Square PAC and state and city permitting process.
  • Analyze implications of opportunistic proposals and respond as necessary.



  • (4/30/12) Assembly Row groundbreaking.
  • (10/20/11) Block 3 passed Planning Board.
  • (10/5/11) Blocks 1 and 4 passed Planning Board.
  • (9/29/11) Blocks 1, 3, 4 in A.S. DIF area in front of Design Review Committee.
  • (7/14/11) IKEA special permit extended for another year by Planning Board.
  • (5/2/11) Assembly Square DIF bond issue passed.
  • (3/31/11) Assembly Square DIF bond hearing scheduled.
  • (10/30/10) There is talk of creating a District Improvement Financing program for Assembly Square, in addition to the iCubed program.
  • (9/19/10) Discussions begin on connections to East Somerville via Foley Street near proposed SSG self-storage development.
  • (9/16/10) Assembly Square Self-Storage Ordinance filed.
  • (9/13/10) Public Hearing on Ch. 9 license.
  • (9/2/10) Minor amendment to dedicate Assembly Square Drive to city.
  • (7/15/10) Amendment to Assembly Square Master Plan applied for to bring in line with plan described in FEIR.
  • (7/15/10) Ch. 91 license application being prepared for improvements in mixed-use portion of project adjacent to the Mystic.
  • (7/15/10) Ch. 91 license application submitted for stormwater outfall.
  • (6/9/10) Infrastructure improvements begun to upgrade streets and utilities in Assembly Square. IKEA development to not start until improvements complete.
  • (3/25/10) FEIR comment period closed 3/23/10.
  • (3/15/10) Final EIR issued. Comment period open until 3/23/10.
  • As of 12/29/09, IKEA was due to begin construction in Spring 2010. When IKEA opens, the Transportation Mitigation Plan and the Sustainability Plan will both go into effect.
  • Mass Highway plans presented. MassHighway changes comment period over August 3, 2009.
  • Development plan decided upon.


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