5/9/16: MBTA Vote on GLX Funding Reply

5/9/16: MBTA Vote on GLX Funding

Mon. May 9 1:00 – 4:00 PM <= Check title link for final schedule!

State Transportation Building
Conf. Rms. 1, 2, 3
10 Park Plaza
Boston MA (map)

The Fiscal and Management Control Board of the MBTA is meeting to discuss, among other topics, the fate of the Green Line Extension. For the first 90 minutes of its meeting, it will listen to public comments on the Green Line Extension and Community Path.

The Fiscal and Management Control Board plans to vote on Monday. This is your last chance to speak directly to the people who will decide the fate of these vital projects before the Board votes on how to proceed.

For more information, see Monday is the most important Green Line meeting in 10 years.

12/13/16 Slides for GLX Status Report and GLX Cost Report Reply

As many of you know by know, the future of the Green Line Extension is in doubt due to a massive cost overrun reminiscent of the Big Dig. Current estimates are that the project will cost at least $1 billion more than originally estimated. News reports state that many, if not all, of the current contractors have been removed from the project.

Three alternatives are being discussed:

  • Continuing the project as is.¬† Unacceptable; the state doesn’t have the money.
  • Canceling the project. Unacceptable; Somerville and Medford have waited over 40 years for this project.
  • Cutting back on the project. Under discussion.

Additional sources of funding are needed beyond state and federal dollars.

Following are the slides from the Green Line Extension status report and cost report, plus the MassDOT and MBTA joint resolution on the Green Line Extension, for reference as we work together to keep the project afloat

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