MVTF Annual Meeting, 10/1/16 @2 PM Reply


P.O. BOX 441979 · Somerville, MA 02144

Dear MVTF Supporters,

Assembly Square is growing.

  • Partners HealthCare has moved more than 1000 full-time employees into its new administrative center at Assembly Square, and will add another 3000 within the next twelve months. Partners is expected to add a new daycare facility.
  • The second head house of the Assembly Orange Line Station is open at Partners.
  • The office block next to Baxter State Park is fully leased.
  • Partners has recently turned over their ground floor space to Federal Realty for future retail.
  • Federal Realty is currently building one new half block as hotel and retail and another full block as residential and retail, with a residential tower element. `
  • Public events such as Riverfest are being held at the Amphitheater by Baxter State Park along the Mystic.

The Community Assembly Room at 50 Middlesex Avenue is in use. MVTF is holding meetings in the facility, along with Somerville Community Corporation, Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership, and East Somerville Main Streets.

These outcomes all reflect the work of Mystic View Task Force.  But our work is not done and there is a continuing need for vigilance.  In addition to keeping an eye on Assembly Square:

  • We are monitoring the implementation of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the work to upgrade the city zoning to entitle building type rather than to subject each new project to endless process.
  • We are monitoring progress on the Green Line Extension, due to complete in 2018, but threatened by delays and budget overruns. Station designs have been cut to the minimum and work proceeds at the city, state, and federal levels to find new sources of funding.
  • We are participating in the ongoing work of the Union Square Civic Advisory Committee, which is working with the City, its consultants, and the master developer, US2, to plan the evolution of Union Square over the next 30 years.
  • We are posting selected public meetings on the Somerville Development Forum (SDF). To register as an SDF contributor or subscribe to the SDF RSS feed, go to To subscribe to the email update, send an e-mail to

For more on our past and future efforts, and to elect the new Board and officers, please come to our 2016 Annual Meeting:

Saturday, October 1, 2:00 – 3:30 PM
Community Assembly Room
50 Middlesex Avenue, Somerville
(at the corner of Foley Street and Middlesex Avenue)

We thank you for your continued support and involvement, and look forward to seeing you there.


Barbara Steiner
President, Mystic View Task Force

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