Union Sq. Revisioning Mtg. 11/18/13 Reply

Greetings all:
I attended the first hour of last night’s Union Square revisioning meeting, a reach-out to the community for input on what we’d like to see Union Square ultimately look like as development and infrastructure upgrades proceed in 2014-2015. Mary Anne Heuston and Bob McWatters, the new Ward 3 alderman were both there.
Specific points looking for feedback:
  1. What do we want the Square to look like?
  2. Ways to visually, and otherwise, connect the new T station (which is not actually in Union Square proper) with the Square.
  3. Ways to improve pedestrian and bike access, reduce reliance on cars.
  4. How can we reconfigure streets for better flow?
  5. How can we improve intermodal transportation connectivity?
  6. How best to manage parking?
  7. Ways to take into account infrastructure upgrades, including improved flood prevention systems.

We were shown a map with the outline of a bow-tied section of the Square area. This area omitted Webster St.

 A few comments from the crowd:
  • Include Webster St. in the assessment. It’s a pathway for bikes and peds to Cambridge St., E. Cambridge and Inman Sq., and it’s pretty terrible to navigate.
  • Do something to limit or eliminate the trucks that consistently go thru the Square (re-direct them elsewhere, perhaps?)
After the presentation, people were invited to look at the map, and place yellow stickies w/comments on the relevant areas. Residents can also send comments to:
Hayes Morrison (this is a woman, for those who don’t know her)
City of Somerville
Director of Transportation and Infrastructure
Project team is:
Somerville DPH, Strategic Planning & Development
Parsons Brinckerhoff, engineering
Team Better Block, community engagement
Crosby, Schlessinger, Smallridge Inc., urban design
Toole Design Group, bike and pedestrian facilities
Bryant Associates, surveying
Peer Consultants, LSP services
Future meetings will be held in January 2014, and some time in the spring, summer and next fall.
That’s all, folks!  🙂

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