10/26/13 MVTF 2013 Annual Meeting Announcement Reply

Dear MVTF Supporters,

Assembly Square is transforming.

The new Baxter State Park along the Mystic between Route 38 and Draw 7 Park has opened. The Orange Line T-Stop is framed in, and Federal Realty and Avalon Bay have walls up on mixed-use developments on the river side of the site. The new Burger Dive restaurant has opened on the edge of the mall parking lot, and SSG Development has finished its self-storage facility across from Foley Street.

In an encouraging development, the city tabled a zoning change that would allow a giant, one-story grocery store at the old IKEA site. We applaud this action, because developing one-story retail so close to the T-stop would waste a rare opportunity. To meet the goals of the Comprehensive Plan, we need to make sure that the rest of Assembly Square is built out with high-value real estate such as research and development.

In an exciting development, SSG Development has granted MVTF access to a new asset for the Somerville community, a Community Assembly Room at 50 Middlesex Avenue, on the ground floor of the new self-storage facility.

In addition to keeping an eye on Assembly Square:

  • We are monitoring the implementation of the City’s Comprehensive Plan rolled out early this year. Visioning meetings are being held for Davis Square and East Somerville, and discussion is continuing on zoning changes across the city.
  • We are monitoring progress on the Green Line Extension, due to complete in 2018. Bridge demolition is underway and stations are being designed. Efforts are underway to remove the McCarthy Overpass on Route 28 near Union Square.
  • We are posting selected public meetings on the Somerville Development Forum (SDF). To register as an SDF contributor or subscribe to the SDF RSS feed, go to mvtf.wordpress.com. To subscribe to the weekly email update, send an e-mail to dd@whyisthisimportant.net.

For more on our efforts, please come to our Annual Meeting:

Saturday, October 26, 2:00 to 4:00 PM
Community Assembly Room
50 Middlesex Avenue, Somerville
(at the corner of Foley Street and Middlesex Avenue)

In addition to electing board members and officers and reviewing the past year, the agenda will include a presentation on the Community Assembly Room and, weather permitting, a walk along Foley Street to view the ongoing transformation of Assembly Square.

We look forward to seeing you there.


David Dahlbacka
President, Mystic View Task Force

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