8/11/14 Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation Hearing on Partners Healthcare Project 1

Railroad rights of way are intended to be devoted to projects that will benefit the community as well as the developer. One community benefit of the Partners plan that should be retained is the bicycle path alongside the Orange Line. More…

7/31/14 SomerVision Zoning Workshop: Community Benefits Reply

7/31/14 SomerVision Zoning Workshop: Community Benefits

Thu. July 31 4:00 – 7:30 PM

Community Assembly Room
50 Middlesex Ave.
Somerville MA (map)

The Somerville Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development is sponsoring a weekly workshop to review the SomerVision goals relative to the proposed new ordinances for Somerville.

Workshop sessions are held on Thurs. 6/12/14 – 8/28/14. This session focuses on the community benefits proposed in the new ordinance.

These workshops, which grew out of the work of the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, are intended to develop and monitor new ordinances for compliance with the SomerVision goals. For more information, see: